Friday, January 7, 2011


How do they do it??? Those digital crack wizards -- sorry, I mean, GAME DEVELOPERS -- at Nexon (and Wizet) have got me hooked (AGAIN) on their digital cr -- I mean, GAME -- MapleStory. I created a Battle Mage, a new class introduced for the recent "Big Bang" expansion and my absolute favorite kind of character to play: Melee + Magic! Another nice bonus about this class is that the starting area is totally different from the starting area of the original MS classes, making the early part of the game a wholly new experience for me.

I'm concerned for quite a few reasons. First of all, on the face of it, this shit should NOT be fun. It's hit-hit-hit Monster A on Map A, level (ding!), then hit-hit-hit Monster B on Map B, level (ding!) and repeat. WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME SO HAPPY??? It massages all the right parts of my lizard brain...or is it my "wizard" brain? I love it. I really do. Another reason to be concerned: apparently no one over the age of 20 plays this game. But I love it. (As mentioned.) Will the shine wear off in another ten levels? Will the honeymoon end just like the last time? Maybe so...maybe only young players can deal with the monotony of leveling. But didn't I just tell you, guys??? The leveling curve is totally different now. I am already level 31, which is at least 3 or 4 levels higher than the original character that I played years ago.

I have paid careful attention to player FAQs and guides to spec my character properly, making the game SO MUCH MORE FUN than it was the first time I played. Even as I am sucked in, I am also repelled...this can't be good. Is this the very definition of a "guilty pleasure"??

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