Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gamma World?!?

Out of nowhere, TSR -- I mean, Wizards of the Coast -- does something ZANY and releases a new edition of Gamma World for a bunch of really happy D&D nerds who prefer rayguns to Vorpal blades. I have fond, fond memories of Gamma World, a game that had captivating game materials inside its weird box (pictured), entertaining me for hours as a pre-teen. I think I only played the game but once, and it involved a memorable scenario in which our party entered a very small room barely larger than a closet, only to find ourselves trapped. Once we managed to extract ourselves from the room, we exited to discover that we were in an entirely new location. "What manner of magic or technology is this?!?" we asked ourselves. "Could it be a teleporter? A small spacecraft? WHAT?!?"

It was an elevator. And that's why Gamma World was awesome.

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