Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blue Screen?

You know, I'm not a Microsoft hater...I've been a Windows user pretty much my whole life. (My first Apple IIe and my brief affair with a Mac Classic notwithstanding. Hey, it was college...I was experimenting.) Sure, I like Apple products just fine and there are many things about Microsoft applications that I dislike. But overall, I am an equal opportunity technophile with not much allegiance to one platform over the other. And I love my Xbox 360, red ring and all.

Which is why it didn't even really occur to me that Microsoft might be in real trouble. The Microsoft brand has pretty much been synonymous with computers for the last quarter century, but Google (not to mention Apple) is trying really hard to change that. (Did I mention that I like Google, too?) The CNN piece linked here put a new perspective on the whole thing for me, and shines a pretty harsh light on Microsoft's prospects. From where I am sitting, I think the next 5 years or so will bring a dramatic shift in the technology landscape...not to mention changes to traditional linear platforms like television and publishing, changes that are happening pretty much on a weekly basis now. Should be fun to watch!

EDIT: Do you think the folks at CNN were TRYING to find an unflattering picture of Steve Ballmer? Maybe he just looks like a mummy in honor of Halloween.

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