Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Disturbance in the Force

Really, guys? I just went to check out the new Clone Wars Adventures F2P MMO from Sony Online, and the screenshot that you see here is the one that I got when I went to create a new account. Granted, the site said that my current browser was not optimal for the Clone Wars Adventures experience, and suggested that I upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Thing is, I am ALREADY RUNNING IE 8. This does not bode well.

UPDATE: Had similar breakage when I tried logging in from Chrome, but on a different step. Ultimately, I went back to IE and got it to work. Then I remembered that I have a Station ID (Sony global login), so I started over. I have to say, the experience so far screams either RUSHED or LOW-RENT. (Just check out the image here. Would it have killed you guys to do some copyediting??? Pet peeve.) I know that this product has not been in development nearly as long as something like, say, Free Realms, but the slapdash approach is really inexcusable for a marquee property like Clone Wars. I know, I know, I know...kids don't give a shit. But their parents do! (And industry people do.) Also: though it is obvious that Sony wants players to upgrade to a premium version of the game, the character creation choices are kinda underwhelming. There are about three character models with maybe three palette choices for each. Not very most impressive, young Skywalker.

Well, on to the game...

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