Thursday, February 25, 2010

No, No...I Meant the Other M

Wow. Joystiq has posted its impressions of a 45-minute (hands-on) demo of Other M, and I have to say...I AM PSYCHED! Sounds like the game is going to be a good one, though I am a bit surprised that it only uses the Wiimote for control. Is this an attempt to be more "accessible"? Haven't a clue, but the guy who wrote the blog entry clearly walked away impressed.

Speaking of impressed, a lot of news has come out of Nintendo's recent media summit this week, including release dates. Other M comes out June 27, but Cave Story comes out on WiiWare on March 22! Hooray! We also have Dragon Quest IX finally getting a "summer" release window...which is better than nothing.

Now don't hate me, but can I just remain completely indifferent about Super Mario Galaxy 2, which comes out on May 23? I know the first one was awesome. I know, I know, I know. But I never finished it. I got bored. Nintendo has a habit of doing this to me. Phantom Hourglass? Bored. Spirit Tracks? Bored. They keep putting out the same games, and there are simply TOO MANY TO PLAY. So I probably won't get SMG2. But Joystiq has their impressions here. Sure looks purty.

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