Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jack Emmert, Man of Many Quotes

So I am going through some old stuff on my desk and I found the notepad that I used at Austin GDC 2008. I already posted a recap of 2009, so this is more than a little late. But I've gotta post some great quotes from Jack Emmert, the chief creative officer at Cryptic Studios. Mr. Emmert has a reputation for being a colorful character, but this was the first time I ever heard him give a presentation. (I am not sure what the title of the presentation was, but it could've been this one.) In any case, the context of the conversation concerned the launch of City of Heroes. (Champions was still almost a year away from beta.) Agree or disagree with Emmert, he is clearly a smart guy with some pretty strong opinions about what makes a good and/or successful MMO. Here are the gems I jotted down while in the lecture hall, so judge for yourself.

"If you don't have it at launch, you can never add it."

"Players will do anything to get XP as quickly and as efficiently as possible."

"No nerf ever caused a statistical drop in user base."

"Worry about the players you've got."

"After the first month, you lose two-thirds of your players, but the ones who stay - you can't get rid of them."

"People will make it as unfun as they possibly can if they think there's something to gain from it."

"Your forums are a valuable source of information."

"Don't listen to marketing."

"You're seeing an absolutely catastrophic evolution in the MMO industry, and as a fan, you should be terrified."

"When we talk about IP, we ask, 'Does the name evoke the meaning of the game?'"

"Release a game that is good and entertaining, and it is what it is."
Now that Champions has released, I wonder what new things Emmert has learned, and how he might revise or elaborate upon some of the sentiments above.

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