Thursday, June 25, 2009

Battlefield Heroes

Like a stealthy soldier ninja commando guy, Battlefield Heroes quietly launched today. I never did manage to get into the beta, so I was eager to check it out. I created my dude, a gunner named Capt. Falcon (ha), but I could not get a match to load. Will keep trying, I guess. Made it through the tutorial, however, which was short and sweet, despite the fact that I crashed the hell out of a plane at the end.

I love the polish the game has. Great sound, great look, nice UI. Yes, there are obvious visual design comparisons to TF2, but so what? This is a much different game aimed at a much different audience. However, even though Battlefield Heroes is supposed to be "casual" it still feels like a gamer's game. I hope EA knows what they're doing...

Look for some impressions later, when I get the game to work. For now, enjoy the awesome (and hilarious) opening cinema.

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