Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Red Steel 2

Forgive me, but the new Red Steel 2 teaser goes a long way towards convincing me that this game is going to be pretty damn cool. I am still of the (minority) opinion that the much-maligned Wii launch title original was not nearly as bad as everyone seemed to think. Yes, there were some wonky controls (particularly with regard to the sniper rifle), and yes the swordplay could be a bit frustrating, and NO I didn't finish it, but mostly because of that annoying sniper rifle. I still contend there were some great ideas at play, and some of the gun mechanics were totally awesome. I'm sure the developers were up against it, since this title was promised to ship with the console at launch. They probably had to do some nipping and tucking to hit their date. But with a more flexible schedule, and a new art style, and a new "motion plus" peripheral, I have a feeling that Red Steel 2 might be a happy surprise for a whole bunch of people.

And if you don't believe me about the original game, just go buy it. It's like $5 right now, and you'll get your money's worth.

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