Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FusionFall Victory Pack: The Unpacking

So I just picked up my pre-purchased copy of FusionFall from my local GameStop. For the record, I also bought the only other copy that they had. (That's 100% sell-thru in Northlake, baby.) Interesting bit: so one of the sales guys came back into the store (presumably from lunch) while I was browsing. He saw the FusionFall boxes on the counter and the following (paraphrased) exchange transpired:

Sales Guy #1: What's this?
Sales Guy #2: Cartoon Network something-or-other.
Sales Guy #1: (Impressed) Damn! Is that Dexter?
Sales Guy #2: Yeah, I think so.
Sales Guy #1: (Turning over box) DAMN! Is that the Powerpuff Girls?
Sales Guy #2: Looks like it.
Sales Guy #1: What is this? A new show or something?
Sales Guy #2: No, I think they made it specifically for the game.
Sales Guy #1: Wow, is it good?
Sales Guy #2: (Gesturing to me) Don't know, but this guy is buying all our copies!
I then said something about the game being in open beta for the last few weeks, and that it was pretty good...the conversation quickly turned to the other new releases that were already sold out (the new LOTR game on PC). And...the end. That was my experience buying FusionFall in a store!

I didn't buy anything else at GameStop, though. On my way back to the car I looked in the Sears games clearance bin. They had Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker for $15 (new) and the GBA version of Final Fantasy VI for $20 (also new). Bought 'em both. I would like to point out that GameStop is still selling used copies of DQM: Joker for $24.99.

But I digress. Opening up the Victory Pack box reveals the game disc, a code card, the game guide, and a vacuum-packed T-shirt (size: small). Dexter and Fusion Dexter on the front. I think I will wash it and then have the team sign it for me.

Overall, pretty nifty. It's a nice feeling to go buy something that you've worked so hard on. Tee-hee, he said, "hard on."

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