Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sugar Rush Closed Beta

I don't know what Nexon's Sugar Rush is, but it looks totally awesome. Is it a 2D fighter, or more of a traditional grindfest like Maple Story? I don't get excited about too many MMOs, but Nexon always has my attention. Sigh...I guess I am an emo teenage otaku at heart. (A scary prospect.)

The animated trailer looks nice. It kind of has a Kim Possible feel to it. I wonder who did the design and production? It has a decidedly western look. Surprising coming from Nexon.

I am purposefully avoiding more information about this game. The first I heard of it was in this morning's Nexon newsletter. I want to see how the average player learns about new games. But I'm sure there's more available on the web. Isn't everything on the web? (Answer: yes.)

Anyhoo, I put my name in the hat for the closed beta. Stand by for more info.

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