Monday, July 21, 2008

Kid Stuff

There's a recent feature on 1up about virtual worlds for kids. It's a good one to read (I never heard of Dizzywood), but it only scratches the surface. It's indicative of something I've noticed: while the media aren't looking, this kind of content is surging. Why isn't this being covered? Sure, you get the occasional "MMOs Aren't Just For Grownups Anymore" article, but in general, nobody is really paying attention -- except maybe the people making the games. My theory? The guys (yes, they are almost all guys) who make up the press (twentysomething fanboys) don't care. And really, why should they? Gears of War 2 is coming out!

I'm waiting for somebody to seize the opportunity to really cover this genre, if such an opportunity exists. I mean, other than the articles above and niche websites like Ten Ton Hamster, where can you go to see reviews and analysis of this stuff, for kid OR adult audiences?

In ten years (or less), when these games are making really serious money (instead of just plain ol' serious money), we'll probably start to see significant media attention.

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