Friday, February 8, 2008

WGA Recognizes Game Writing

Today, NPR reports that the WGA is bestowing awards on game writers. Here are the nominees:
CRASH OF THE TITANS, Written by Christopher Mitchell, Sierra Entertainment

DEAD HEAD FRED, Written by Dave Ellis and Adam Cogan, D3 Publisher

THE SIMPSONS GAME, Lead Writer Matt Selman, Written by Tim Long and Matt Warburton, Dialogue by Jeff Poliquin, Electronic Arts

THE WITCHER, Lead Story Designer Artur Ganszyniec, Dialogue Sebastian Stepien, Additional Dialogue Marcin Blacha, Writers Sande Chen and Anne Toole, Atari

WORLD IN CONFLICT, Story Design Christofer Emgard, Story Consultant Larry Bond, Script Consultant Ed Zuckerman, Sierra Entertainment
This is hardly a charitable effort. I'm sure the guild can't wait to get companies like Activision and EA on their list of signatories. Nevertheless, it's nice to see the work of interactive writers get noticed. (Although all too often I imagine it's washed-up screenwriters "slumming" with the gaming types.) In light of the WGA strike, which is rumored to be coming to a close, I guess I applaud the WGA's ability to get recognition for writers across all media. Hooray!

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