Monday, February 11, 2008

Marvel MMO Dead

Microsoft's Shane Kim confirms on MTV's gamer blog that the Marvel MMO is no more. He says:
“I’ll confirm. Marvel and we have agreed to end development on the MMO. It was an amicable decision…. It’s just something that we felt that, for us and for them, it would be better if we ended development. Which is disappointing, because that had a lot of promise. But sometimes you have to make these decisions.”
If anything, this would explain the recent rumor that Cryptic was picking up the Star Trek MMO development duties. That one was a puzzler to me, but in light of this disappointing news about the Marvel MMO, maybe not so much.

Where does this place the SOE project for DC Comics? Still on the landscape, but what is the status? I've heard nary a peep.

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