Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MMO Funnies

I know I'm on the outside scoop here, but here's two really clever takes on the MMO/adventure genre. The first is Progress Quest, which is the game that plays itself. It's a massively-single player MMO that runs in the background while you work. You don't have to do anything at all! Your character kills monsters, levels up, collects items until its inventory is full, then goes back to town and sells those items for better items. Repeat ad nauseum! It's a loving send-up of the very grindy game mechanic that MMO players find so charmingly addictive -- bless their hearts.

Currently, my chracater Beebooba has just collected a Benevolent Spangle of Domination from a mind flayer. (I also collected a mind flayer tentacle.) The items and monster body parts are truly inspired. As of this writing, my Panda Man (race) Puma Burglar (Class) is at level 42. I have some great spells as well, such as the Cone of Annoyance and Rabbit Punch.

Meanwhile, there is an HTML adventure game called The Kingdom of Loathing (pictured above) that also contains loving parodies of everything tried-and-true in the fantasy game genre. For example, begin your game by speaking to the wise NPC on the mountaintop (Mt. Noob), and collect dumb items for him while killing bunnies. Don't forget to visit the Hall of the Legends of the Times of Old! This game is funny, and the browser-based presentation is primitive but very clever. My character is a level 1 polka criminal.

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