Friday, January 4, 2008

Kid MMOverview

Blogger Izzy Neis provides a brief snapshot of the virtual worlds planned for kids of all ages. I like being the Dark Horse.


izzy said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out about my blog :) Glad you like the Dark Horse title.

So you're workin' on FusionFall, huh? Awesome. I've spoken to Richard Weil about it a few times... You have no idea how excited I am to play it. If Mini Match is a taste of the innovation the team over there is dreaming up (the drag & drop system, the sound play, the DVD game user nav... kudos!)-- then, heck ya, Cartoon Network is going to blow some sites out of the water.

Anyway-- have a fantastic weekend and thanks again for popping by.

Matt said...

Richard sent your blog post around to the team. I liked your very comprehensive overview. FusionFall is coming along nicely, so I hope you will jump in when we go to open beta!