Friday, January 25, 2008

Amazon Games

So I'm too tragically unhip to know who the Mars Volta is (although I've heard of them), but what's really interesting is that they have an impressive Flash adventure game on Amazon to promote their upcoming album. (It's probably hosted on other sites, but whatever.) I don't have time to play through it b/c I have so much ding-dong diddly work to do, but I can tell just from touching it that the production value is way above average for this kind of thing. Seriously, do people buy CDs anymore? Why make a game to promote one?

Oh, right. Maybe they just made a Mars Volta fan out of me...

The backstory is interesting. One of the band members bought some kind of Ouija board curio thing in Jerusalem and then all these terrible things started happening to him. Then he fed his dog after midnight, and he turned into a gremlin and destroyed the whole town!!

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