Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gamefly Sale

Annoying game rental service Gamefly is doing their annual post-holiday sale, and there are some good titles to be had. The email alert I received showed Odin Sphere for $19.99, although it appears that ship has already sailed. But if quirky Japanese PS2 games are your bag, GrimGrimoire is still available for $21.99.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Most Jocose MMORPG

Rich, our community director, forwarded along the "best press release ever" for ELF Online. He put it best: "Honestly, I don’t understand why a company would go to all the trouble of making an English website and then not localize it properly. Nor their press releases, for that matter." Indeed!
The Date for ELF Online Open Beta is Announced

Happymmo is announcing the start of Open Beta for Elf Online, the most jocose MMORPG. The Open Beta will start at 8:00 pm EST (GMT-5) on December 21th 2007.

Many improvements have been made to the open beta version which is quite stable, Happymmo has decided to start the Open Beta test with the coming of new year, bringing the global audience a prank X’mas. In order to mantain a fair in-game environment, all close beta testers data will be deleted. Please register a new account to log into the game, player datas during open bata will be remained for ever. Any player who create new character will get items worth $90 ( Plus-calcium potato $2 and Refreshing Talent Point Card $88)

A Open Beta client will be released soon, please stay tuned to Elf Online official website for the latest information.

Funny Pets:
Elf Online has abandoned those animals symbolizing power, such as deity bird and holy beast. Instead, a lot of amusing pets have been adopted in this game. For example, the Ringu in “The Ring”, Cockroach in “Flirting Scholar”. -- Even the toilet can be treated as a pet.

Absurd Epic Quest:
The philosophy of “Happiness stems from pipe dream” pervades the whole game. What you will meet in the game are various eccentric quests and the “spoof” dialogues. You never know what you will encounter, “Hit the devil and rescue the princess” or “Hit the princess and rescue the devil” ~Sorry, you are in my world, what you can do is enjoying it!

Prank system :
You can not foresee that you were to encounter in the Elf Online. Turnning into a little pig while fight with man-eating monsters.
Apparently, the beta has been available since December 21th. If you can do is enjoying it, I would love to hear your impressions! Did you get the calcium potato or hit the devil and rescue the princess? Do tell!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FusionFall Japan

It bears mentioning that I stumbled across a Japanese blog post about FusionFall. I certainly think the game could have appeal in Japan. Even though many of CN's characters are not big over there, the designs and style translate well. It will be interesting to see as we get closer to an international release.

Anyway, I translated the blog post, which was pretty funny. Though the poster mentions that "Real work is 2008 schedule, but it seems that presently beta edition is open (no charge)," he also states the following: "With temporarily, under the clothes of number 5 the spats." Okay!

General tone of the reader responses appears positive, with mentions of PPGZ, Teen Titans, and other properties of note.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

FusionFall Beta!

Don't you want to sign up for the FusionFall beta? You know you do! It's easy! register for our game at the official site, then make sure you sign up for beta here!

We're just beginning to let people into the game. It's definitely an exciting and busy and stressful time. Assuming I get freed up, I will begin to post more development thoughts about the game here, so watch this space! (All three of you.)